Pop-it® Capless
Double-Door Fuel Neck Adapter

  • For use with double-door capless fuel necks on late model Ford and GM vehicles.
  • Save money – NO replacement sealing disks needed.
  • Works with any smoke machine.
  • Made of durable, fuel resistant materials.
  • Five year warranty!

The reusable Smoke Wizard® Pop-it® Capless Double-Door Fuel Neck Adapter; simply pop it on, twist to seal, and connect any leak detection device to test.  With the ease of installation, this tool speeds EVAP pressure / vacuum monitoring and leak decay, as well as smoke testing to locate leaks.  It also saves money and waste by never needing costly, messy, throw-away seals.

Pop-it® Capless Double-Door Fuel Neck Adapter

9 of the Top 10* Check Engine DTCs can be diagnosed with a Smoke Wizard.®

Maybe the Check Engine light should be called the Smoke Wizard light.

* Analysis of 2011-2012 Illinois Smog Check data

* Analysis of 2008 CA Smog Check data